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Sample Charitable Trust Legal Documents

Other services charge Thousands for this information. We have seen Attorney costs to set up a CRT range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 and have even seen higher than that.

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Save a lot of mony and follow the samples provided to create your own Charitable Remainder Trust.

 A Charitable Trust can be set up for one person or a couple. It can become effective immediately, at the death of a donor or other triggering event. Trust income payments can be set up as a fixed dollar amount (CRAT) or a fixed percentage recalculated annually (CRUT). If income deferral is desired additional wording can be incorporated into a Net Income with Makeup Unitrust (NIMCRUT).

The Charitable Trust Samples included in this package cover all the main types of CRT’s including annotations to guide you, alternate provisions and wording for each of the 3 main types of CRT's

Each Sample CRT document includes the following 6 sections:

1. Purpose of that CRT (CRUT, CRAT or NIMCRUT)
2. Background
3. Scope and Objective

4. The Sample Trust Wording Itself
5. Annotations for the Various Trust Paragraphs to guide you
6. Alternate Provisions for that Type of Trust to be used if needed

The information is provided in Microsoft Word format for easy editing. Once payment is completed you will immediately be directed to a web page where all the files can be accesed and downloaded immediately.


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Annuity Trust (CRAT)

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