Charitable Remainder Unit Trust (CRUT)

A Unitrust, also called a Charitable Remainder Unitrust or CRUT, requires that a fixed percentage (minimum 5%) of the annual value of trust assets be paid to the income beneficiary. For example, a CRUT with a value of $2,000,000 and a 5% payout would pay $100,000 to the income beneficiary in that year. If the investment performance for that year was 10% and the value of the trust on the valuation date was $2,200,000 the income beneficiary would receive $110,000 in that year. Another benefit of the Charitable Remainder Unitrust is that it will allow for additional contributions. The Unitrust will generally produce higher amounts of income but a smaller tax deduction.

A Unitrust is good for someone looking for a specific percentage return. This can be used to keep up with inflation if the trust value continues to grow over the years.

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